The Gyuto - the all-rounder or chef's knife

If you are interested in the world of Japanese knives, the best place to start is with a Gyuto. As the Japanese equivalent of a Western chef's knife, it will glide easily through meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and even herbs. It is a knife that can be used every day instead of a specialised knife that is often neglected.

As a chef's knife, Gyuto was originally designed for cutting and decorating large cuts of beef, as is evident from its name, which literally translates as cow's blade. Nowadays, the Gyuto is the equivalent of a Western chef's knife, and its use is versatile. It is the Japanese version of the classic French and German chef's knife, which can be used to cut and chop any food. If you are looking for a knife to start learning, we recommend the Gyuto and/or Santoku. It is often recommended as a more compact Japanese alternative to the classic Western chef's knife.

The Gyuto is usually fitted with a long blade, which is available in several lengths. Its double-edged blade is thinner, lighter and has a sharper edge than a Western chef's knife.

The Gyuto's functionalities make it suitable for both beginners and professional chefs.