The specific characteristics of a particular
food must be taken into account when preparing it. The texture of steak and avocado is very different. Therefore, it is advisable to use a knife with a specific shape to cut the different foods in order to do the job as well as possible.
The Japanese masters were well aware of this.

What are Japanese knives used for?
Japanese knives can be used to prepare all kinds of dishes. Depending on the shape of the blade, they can be used for cutting meat, vegetables and fruit, and of course for preparing fish dishes. Because they have extremely thin, sharp and light blades, you will find it even easier and faster to chop vegetables and slice thin pieces of meat and fish.

Because they are so versatile, Japanese knives are not only useful for preparing sushi, but also for pre-preparing vegetables and meat for everyday dishes where precision of cut and speed of preparation are important.

What is the best Japanese knife for cutting meat?
Larger, double-bladed knives are usually used for preparing meat. These knives have a larger blade surface, which can measure 165-210 mm in length and up to 9 mm in width. Such knives include the Japanese Deba and Santoku knives. However, the type of meat to be cut and the method of cutting must also be taken into account. Thus, different types of specialised Japanese knives can be used to cut different types of meat.

Can I use a Japanese knife to cut vegetables?
Yes, Japanese knives can also be used to cut vegetables.
The most suitable knives for cutting vegetables are the Nakiri and the Usuba. The Nakiri is a thin knife designed for home use and for cutting green vegetables, while the Japanese Usuba knife is suitable for professional cutting of all types of vegetables.

Again, the final choice of the right Japanese vegetable knife depends on the type of vegetables you want to prepare and the
way you prepare them.

Are there universal Japanese knives?
Yes, there are everyday knives for cutting meat and fish, as well as for preparing vegetable and fruit meals. Such knives are ideal for those who prepare simple dishes and do not need specialised knives for different types of food. In addition, such knives are ideal as a gift for all cooking enthusiasts who want to test the quality of Japanese knives.

Which Japanese knife is best for beginners?
For those who have never used a Japanese knife before,
the universal knives are the best choice. These knives are characterised by their exceptional sharpness and craftsmanship, and they can be used for all types of food. So you can use your new Japanese knife for every meal and find out which dishes you prefer to use it for.