The Deba - fish knife

The Deba is a traditional Japanese kitchen knife used for fish. It is best used for working with whole fish, cutting fish bones and decapitating fish. Its considerable weight and razor-sharp edge allow you to make strong, clean cuts through even the toughest parts of the fish, such as the head. The Deba knife is also often used for cutting poultry and other small-boned meats, but is not recommended for cutting thicker or stronger bones.

The Deba is derived from the traditional style of Japanese knives, which have a blade on one side, creating a razor-sharp edge. The combination of Deba's substantial weight and the wide asymmetrical blade allows the knife to glide effortlessly through the delicate parts of the fish, creating deep, clean cuts.

The Deba is a heavy, robust knife with a thick, wide blade and a sharpened tip. It is mostly used for cutting whole fish.