The Bunka - a multi-purpose knife for cutting and chopping foods such as meat, fish, vegetables and herbs.

Culinary culture is of utmost importance in Japanese homes and the Bunka knife was developed with this in mind. Its name emphasises its versatility of use. It is considered a multi-purpose knife, designed for slicing and chopping foods such as meat, fish, vegetables and herbs.

The sharp and thin blade combined with the straight cutting edge makes it the ideal tool for making quick, clean cuts in up and down motion or when using a tap-cut or push-cut. With Bunko you will easily slice meat, seafood, cheese, fruit and vegetables into thin slices. It is the ideal tool for making delicate and precise cuts, while the wide blades are also handy for picking up food from the cutting board.

Bunka is a double-bladed knife, which means it has a blade on both sides. As the Bunka is usually shorter compared to a Western chef's knife, it is much lighter and easier to use. Together with the Gyuto and Santoku, the Bunka often represents an elegant alternative to the classic Western chef's knife.

Compared to the Western chef's knife, the Bunka is shorter, lighter, thinner and made of harder steel to keep its sharp edge longer.