If a knife is not properly maintained, it will lose its purpose and sharpness much sooner. Proper use and maintenance of a Japanese knife prolongs its life and thus allows it to be used better.

As with any knife, it is important to use a Japanese knife only for what it is intended for, as using one knife to cut all the ingredients will not give you lasting satisfaction when preparing food.

Japanese knives are best washed and dried by hand. Simply use a soft sponge, some soap and warm water. If you put the knife in the dishwasher, there is a chance that the blade, handle or edge of the knife will be damaged and rust may appear. Use a towel to wipe the knife clean and also use it to quickly wipe the moisture off the knife when preparing food. Do not leave a wet knife in the kitchen sink after use. It is important not to use a Japanese knife to cut a hard bone or hard surface as this will damage the blade. When using a knife, it is also essential to have a proper base, such as a plastic or wooden board. Avoid cutting on boards made of hard materials such as bamboo, granite, stainless steel, hard plastic or glass as they can damage the edge of your knife. It is also important to use each knife only for what it is intended for, e.g. you cannot cut a piece of beef or bone with a vegetable knife and vice versa.

After cleaning and drying your knife, it is important to store it properly, either in a wooden or a leather sheath designed to protect the blade. It is also important that the knife does not come into contact with other kitchen utensils during storage.

If the knife is made of a solid material, it will also become brittle with improper use. If such a knife is used incorrectly and used to cut hard things such as bones, open tins or cut wires, there is a high chance of damaging the blade (chipped blade or part of the blade breaking off).

However, with use, eventually every knife becomes blunt and the blade is no longer as sharp as it was. The loss of blade sharpness is too often caused by improper use and storage. You can also find out more about knife sharpening on our website.

Spice up your cooking adventures with a Japanese knife!