10 reasons to buy a Japanese knife

  1. Japanese culture is all about making everything perfect, and their knives are no different. They constantly strive to make their knives look and feel like the best in the world.

  2. The pursuit of precision and perfection never ends. Japanese knives have been on the market for a long time and are constantly improving.

  3. Japanese knives are made for specific purposes, as there is a special knife for every type of food. They use a different knife for preparing fish than for preparing vegetables or meat. All this is done with the aim of taking the preparation and the satisfaction to an even higher level.

  4. Japanese knives are not only of exceptional quality, but also aesthetically beautiful in appearance. The handle, the edge of the blade, the steel and the packaging is combined in order to create a beautiful product as a whole.

  5. The Japanese knife itself has a history dating back to the 16th century (read the beginnings of kitchen knives) and is derived from swords. Local blacksmiths turned to knife making. These people work together to make the best knives in the world.

  6. Most Japanese knives have a higher carbon content in the core of the blade. This leads to a harder edge. This carbon content makes a big difference when cutting and preparing food.

  7. The Japanese like light knives that move quickly. The main difference between the knives we know, i.e. Western knives to Japanese knives is really in the handle. Most Japanese knives are essentially a steel extension of the handle and are hidden by the handle. For Western knives, the spine of the knife continues into the handle itself. This difference in handle construction makes a big difference in the weight of the knife when you hold it and slide it through food. A Japanese knife is much lighter than a Western knife.

  8. The sharpness is the knife’s most important ability. Japanese knife makers have put a lot of effort into making their knives the sharpest in the world. Their sharpness comes, as already mentioned, from more carbon in the steel (read more about Japanese knife steel).

  9. Their single-edged blade is twice as sharp. Their lightness is exceptional and all these reasons influence the quality of Japanese knives.

  10. Their sharpness means that food which is cut and prepared with Japanese knives is minimally damaged. The knife is so sharp that it slides through fruit, vegetables, meat or fish with a single swipe, and so the food that is prepared is minimally damaged and retains all the ingredients and juiciness that are essential for tastier food. Their uniqueness, both visually and in quality, will impress you time and time again.

Spice up your cooking adventures with a Japanese knife!